Meetings in 2021

Our 42nd Year

Next Meeting is at Corky's BBQ in Brentwood

July 17 @ 11:00

Lunch, followed by Program. Presenter is Jim Hawkins

Hear the story as many heard it for the first time.

Old Time Radio production of The Veiled Lodger (1948)

Veiled Lodger (BBC audio) with Clive Merrison and Michael Williams


MONTH Nashville Scholars 2021 Story Schedule / Leader

July 17

11:00 AM

    The Veiled Lodger  (The Case Book)         

Jim Hawkins

August 21      The Musgrave Ritual (The Memoirs)          David Hayes
September 18
     The Hound of the Baskervilles                  Derek Martin
October 16
     The New Catacomb (1898)
     A Conan Doyle "Horror" Story                    Dean Richardson
November 20
     The Three Garridebs (The Case Book)       Cory Howell
December 18
     Special Event Movie Night at Derek's         Derek Martin

Nashville Scholars of the Three Pipe Problem | Nashville, TN | 2021

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