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A famous Sherlockian once said, "A scion society consists of two Sherlockians, a copy of the canon, and a bottle.
In a pinch you can despence with one of the Sherlockians."...John Bennett Shaw

As Sherlockians get around the country and around the world they find that they have certain goals and ideas in common with other Sherlockians. Here we list those other scions (societies) that the Nashville Scholars claim as partners in our quest to "keep green the memory of Sherlock Holmes."

(This is certainly not an exhaustive list, just a list of close Sherlockian friends.
Some of the links on this page take you away from the Nashville Scholar site. Please return!)

United States Sherlockian Societies
Societies in Other Countries

The Baker Street Irregulars. The first Sherlockian society in the USA, founded by Christopher Morley in 1934. Nashville Scholars Marino Alvarez and Bill Mason are BSI members. No society page, but two important links: The Baker Street Journal | The BSI Trust

The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes. New York City, NY. Marilyn McKay and Susan Diamond head up this society of Sherlockian Ladies. Newsletter: Serpentine Muse

The Baker Street Breakfast Club. Vermont. Sally Sugarman, webmaster.

The Beacon Society. Marilynne McKay, webmaster. Assistance with teaching Sherlock Holmes to school children. Bill Mason will guide the group in 2015 as the Head Light, a designated leadership position.

Criterion Bar Association. Est. 1972, in Chicago, by Margaret Smedegaard.

The Hansoms of John Clayton. Peoria, IL. Brad Keefauver and Don Hobbs have lots to share in their online newsletter: Sherlock Peoria.

Harpooners of the Sea Unicorn. St. Charles, MO. Send Email.

The Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota. Gary Thaden, President. Second oldest scion in the United States.

The Illustrious Clients of Indianapolis. Est. 1946, perhaps the oldest Sherlockian scion in the USA.



Bootmakers of Toronto, Canada. Established, 1972. The name was suggested by John Bennett Shaw. (We have Nashville Scholars who are members of this scion.)

Sherlock Holmes Society of London. England. Our friend Roger Johnson edits and distributes The Sherlock Holmes Journal (which see) This is a relatively new website from Hungary, packed with enthusiasm and interesting articles. The principals behind the site are: Zsófia Marincsák (who handles the language hurdles with English-speaking Sherlockians), Edina Jászberényi (one of the site article writers and editors), and Adrienn Fray (webmaster). Congratulations on a supurbe Sherlock Holmes website! (Posted Aug 2013)

The Sydney Passengers. Australia. Members Bill Barnes and Phillip Cornell are long-time friends of 3 Pipe Problem.

(Not a Society, a Sherlockian website, but worthy of mention here.) Sherlockian Net. Canada. Designed and maintained by Christopher Redmond, a non-resident member of the Nashville Scholars.


                                 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Most Beloved Dozen Stories, 

as ranked by the Baker Street Irregulars in a 1999 poll.

  1. The Speckled Band
  2. The Red-Headed League
  3. A Scandal in Bohemia
  4. Silver Blaze
  5. The Blue Carbuncle
  6. The Musgrave Ritual
  7. The Final Problem
  8. The Empty House
  9. The Dancing Men
  10. The Six Napoleons
  11. The Bruce-Partington Plans
  12. The Man with the Twisted Lip

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