Member Roster (2021)

Honorary Nashville Scholars

(in alphabetical order - more or less)

Marino Alvarez, BSI

2015 - BSI Hilton Soames (3STU)
1989 - Professor Coram (GOLD)

Marino Alvarez

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Congratulations to the Nashville Scholars on their 40th Anniversary. A milestone that stemmed from our Charter Members of 1979 and grown as a body in both
knowledge and spirit. We celebrate our accomplishments, but remember those members who have passed and were a significant part of our growth as a scion.

Vicki Risko Alvarez 

2012 - "VR" (BRUC)

Congratulations to our members on our 40th anniversary. What brings a group such as ours together, sustaining long standing bonds and our ability to reach out to members that are near and those that are representing different international regions and countries? Yes, Sherlock Holmes is at the heart of our discussions with the realization that we are ever learning about and finding amazement of the world of Sherlock! But our coming together is also rooted in our respect for each other  - different values, perspectives, talents, and scholarly pursuits enrich all of us! We embrace our differences while finding multiple ways to connect and enrich each other! May we all be proud of our sense of belonging and may that spirit continue to enrich us. -- 

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Ken Beck

1979 (Charter Member) Wiggins







Holmeses and Fans

come in all sizes and disguises

Kay (Patricia Kay) Blocker
1979 (Charter Member)
Matilda Briggs (SUSS)


Mattias Bostrom


Mattias Bostrom

Non-Resident Member
Swedish Author/Publisher
Winner of Agatha Award 2017
Best Nonfiction Book
From Holmes to Sherlock


Jerome Boynton

Jerome Boynton



Watson’s Trusty Old Revolver, Adams

Lawrenceburg TN


mbrady Mike Brady 

(2016) Dartmoor Professor 



S Carlisle

Shannon Carlisle, BSI

2013 - 221 B Baker Street
Director, Junior Sherlockian Society
JSS Website
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On the 40th Anniversary
1 Title + 2 Haikus = 40 Syllables to Celebrate the 40 Years of the Nashville Scholars,
by Shannon Carlisle
Music City's Cohort
The Nashville Scholars
a mighty collection of
Holmes enthusiasts
Connoisseurs of
the Canon and the Grand Game
plucky, pawky... peers


Anita Feller

1998 - Elsie Cubitt




Tom Feller

1998 - Hilton Cubitt (DANC)

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Secretary, Southern Fandom Confederation


Billy Fields

1987 - Horace Harker (SIXN) Nashville

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(A message on our 40th Anniversary)

As one of the senior partners in the history of the Nashville Scholars, I happily can reflect on more than 30 years of its amazing Sherlockian journey.  As 40 years of efforts focused of “Keeping Green the Memory” envelopes us, I am so very proud of the scholastic and gregarious history of this scion. I am equally proud to have been able to play a walk-on role since 1987.

David Fields

David Fields

2018 - Tobias Gregson

(SIGN - STUD - REDC - GREE - WIST) Nashville

Investiture as Tobias Gregson

David Hammer

DHammer Monsieur Dubuque of the French police (NAVA) BSI - Major-General Stoner (SPEC)

Dubuque, IA
(Non-Resident Scholar)

David Hammer died in 2018



David Hayes

2001 - Inspector Baynes in (WIST)
Spouse: Judi
Mt Juliet, TN 




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Sam House

Spouse: Polly

2018-Sir Henry Baskerville (HOUN)


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Investiture as Sir Henry Baskerville

 Congratulations to a special group celebrating four successful decades of intriguing inquiry into forensics and literature as The Nashville Scholars of the Three Pipe Problem!




Susan Hawkins 
1995 - Hattie Doran (NOBL) 


Jim Hawkins

1987 - Little Jimmy Griggs (VEIL)

Happy 40th Year, Pipers!

It's hard to believe I've been a member of this scion for 32 years. I consider the friends I've made through this group to be some of my dearest and closest friends.


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Creator of the John Bennett Shaw Website 

Caryn Harris

"The Blue Carbuncle" (BLUE)

and guest Phillip Harris

Nashville, TN


Cory Howell 

"John Clayton" (HOUN)

...London cab-driver

Nashville, TN


Deb Hussey

Deb Hussey

2012 - Toby (SIGN)


Conor Kimbro 

our youngest Nashville Scholar "The Red-Headed League."

His father Duncan Kimbro is John Clayton

(2016) Franklin, TN 



Ronald Scott Kritter

1999 - Dr. Thorneycroft Huxtable (PRIO)



(Non-Resident Scholars)

Christine Kritter 

(1999 - Lady Mary Brackenstall. the former Mary Fraser)
    Milwaukee, WI

Ron Lies
2012 - The Game Is A Foot

R Lies
Denver, CO
Member of Dr. Watsons Neglected Patients (Denver)
(Non-Resident Scholar)
See Sherlockian Background

Jie Liu

Graduate of Wake Forrest University

We welcome visitors to our

monthly Zoom meetings,

held on the 3rd Saturday

of every month at noon.



Bill Mason, BSI

Master Bootmaker (Toronto),
Beacon Society (Head Light)
2015 BSI - White Mason (VALL)
1998 N Scholars - The Hydraulic Press (ENGR)
(Spouse: Cindy)
Greenbrier, TN 

"Congratulations to the Nashville Scholars on 40 great years of dedication to Sherlock Holmes and his times, to excellent scholarship, and most of all to a wonderful group of people who not only share an interest, but have become good friends.  The influence of this group throughout the Sherlockian world has been significant, and I look forward to many more years of success."


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Bill Markie 2007 - (Webley)



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D Marcum


David Marcum

(2018) The Engineer's Thumb (ENGR)





Many congratulations to The Nashville Scholars for forty years of Sherlockian camaraderie and fellowship - What a great bunch of Holmesian enthusiasts! I’m honored and grateful to be a part of them!



Derek Martin
2012 - Mr. Windigate (BLUE) Nashville


Geeta McMillan 

2011 - Lady Hilda  (SECO) Nashville

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Reece Morehead


Investiture as Lomax




2018 - Lomax the Sub-librarian (ILLU) 



Miguel Ojeda Peral 
(non-resident member)
President of 
Circulo Holmes (Barcelona, Spain) 
Investiture: Stackhurst
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the 40th anniversary of the Nashville Scolars, both at a private level and from our association in Spain, CÍRCULO HOLMES. I'm very proud to be a Nashville Scholar. CONGRATULATIONS!



Richard "Dick" Renfro 
Charter Member 1979
with investiture of "Professor"

Dave Price 
Charter Member 1979
 "Grimpen Meyer"
Bio Page

Mary Jane Price (1934-2011)

Dave's wife and soulmate was always at his side in the many roles he filled, from circus advance man to school principal to Nashville Scholar. During their circus years, Mary Jane was a press agent. 

In Dave's words, "the best thing that ever happened to me."

Mary Jane


Allen Osborne
(non-resident member)
Also a member of the
Crew of the Barque Lone Star
Investiture: Deck Mate
Bio Sketch

Howard Ostrom becomes a 3PP-er


Howard Ostrom
(non-resident member)
Resident of Ocala, FL
 I may have been 39 years late to the 40th anniversary party, not having visited Nashville until 2018, but a more wonderful group of Sherlockian folk and scholars I've never come across. Everyone made my daughter Macy and I feel so at home that when I retire in two years, if fate has it, I will be attending the 42nd anniversary and all the future meetings as a resident member. Happy 40th Anniversary Nashville Scholars!


With sadness we regret to inform you that 
John Howard Oxley lost his battle with cancer the week before Christmas (2019).
2014- Charles Augustus Milverton (CHAS)
Nova Scotia


Ryan and Kathy Peck

Received their investitures in May, 2019

Ryan ( Wilhelm Gottsreich Sigismond von Ormstein )

Kathy ( Irene Adler )


Carol Redding


Carol Redding

2011 - Violet deMerville, (ILLU)




Dean Richardson
1998 - Shinwell Johnson (ILLU)
(Spouse: Susan)




Carolyn & Joel Senter 
1998 The Grice Patersons (FIVE)
Cincinnati, OH



Chris Schweizer
Scholar and Artist
2014 - Great Uncle Horace Madisonville, KY



Susan Stahl 
1979 - Altamont (LAST)

[Charter Member]



Gael Stahl
1979 - The Final Problem (FINA)
[Charter Member]
Old Hickory, TN
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Jeff Steward 2013

Inspector Stanley Hopkins






Drew Thomas

2018 - Conductor of Light (HOUN)

Drew Thomas








 Congratulations to The Nashville Scholars of the Three-Pipe Problem for their forty years of keeping green the memory of the Master Detective, Sherlock Holmes. I am proud and honored to be a member of this august body, The well of their scholarship is far from dry.

Thomas Vickstrom


Thomas Vickstrom

2018 - Northumberland (HOUN)
Background and Bio Sketch

Investiture as Northumberland


On the Fortieth Anniversary of the Nashville Scholars

The Nashville Scholars indeed do have some true scholars and are worthy of the group's name and a few colorful characters add zest.  I think Doyle would like us.  Congrats on forty years of never-ending variety and interest... and here's to another forty!     

Tom "Northumberland" Vickstrom

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Nashville Scholars of the Three Pipe Problem

Charlie Williams (Lestrade)
Patsy King (Mrs. Hudson)


Nashville, TN

Carol Garrett 
(1979 - Right Honorable Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope in SECO)
[Charter Member]
Hermitage, TN


avatar Bobbye Crawford
1985 - Clothilde Lothman von Saxe-Meningen (SCAN)
Old Hickory TN 37138


Richard Keppler




Michael Parrish
(1996 - Mycroft)



Cindy Parrish 

Veiled Lodger (VEIL)



Fred Levin 
1998 - Abe Slaney (DANC)
Winnetka, IL 60093
Non-Resident Member 



Sunnie Levin 

(1998 - Helen Stoner in SPEC)
Winnetka, IL 60093
Non-Resident Member


Each one left their unique mark on the NASHVILLE SCHOLARS
and on our hearts.

Baker | Bradley | Sharpe | Smith | White

William C. Baker (Charter Member)
(1979 - Tranter)

David Bradley 
(1988 - Tobacconist Bradley)

Kenneth J. Ken Gordon Jr.
(1995 - Fred Porlock in VALL)
South Haven, MS 38671
d. October, 2015 (Memphis, TN)

Michael Harper (d. July 23, 2017)

Sen. Douglas Henry, Jr.
(1987 - Lord Holdhurst in NAVA)
1926 - 2017 (Nashville, TN)

Mary-Margarette Jordan (d. July 22, 2015)

Meredith A. "Nan" Ottenbacher (d. Feb 25, 2017)

Davice J. Sharpe
(1998 - The Old Book Collector)

Vickie Smith (Charter Member)
(1979 - V. Durando / Ms. Burnett)

Bob White (d. Sept 21, 2011)


Nashville Scholars of the Three Pipe Problem|Nashville, TN | 2018