Stand with me here upon the terrace,
for it may be the last quiet talk that we shall ever have.”

(His Last Bow, 1917)

Roll Call:
Bill Baker | Robert White

William Clyde Baker, III

BAKER III, William Clyde Age 73 of Nashville,
passed away April 30, 2009.


Mr. Baker was preceded in death by grandparents, William C. and Annie Mae Baker; parents, Maj Gen William C. Baker, Jr., Dr. Hazel Keily Baker; aunts, Katherine Hoskins, Madge Pickrell, Helen Annette Baker; cousins, Robert Baker, SFC Gomer Davis Hoskins, Jr., Charles C. Pickrell. He is survived by cousins, Martha Faye, Susan Allen, Anne D'Angelo, Col Clyde B. Hoskins. Mr. Baker retired from the US Army as a Lt. Col.

He worked as a military historian for the Tennessee State Museum for 37 years.

He was a charter member of the Nashville Scholars of the Three Pipe Problem, and his canonical name was Tranter, a popular revolver mentioned in several of the Sherlock Holmes stories. Bill, as the curator for weapons at the museum, chose this nom with much consideration.

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