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Have not attended a meeting in Nashville
but will become Official at their first Nashville Scholars Meeting


Gabriele Mazzoni, M.D.: Dartmoor

In July of 2013 the Alvarezes were in Italy and met Dr. Gabriele Mazzoni, after hearing about him from Don Hobbs of Dallas, TX. His Sherlockian collection is world class, according to Don and Marino. Gabriele is our newest honorary Nashville Scholar.

Dr. Gabriele Mazzoni in his library.
Photo by Peggy Perdue,
Librarian for the Conan Doyle Collection
in the Tornoto Public Library.



Ross K. Foad:  
Greek Interpreter

Background & Bio

Link: No Place Like Holmes (created by Mr. Foad)






Jean Upton:    Diogenes Club
Background and Bio Sketch


Roger Johnson: Cartwright, the District Messenger

Background and Bio Sketch

Link: The District Messenger

Awarded the Tony Howlett Award
for long and outstanding service
Sherlock Holmes Society of London, 2015



Colin Preece:  Singlestick
(with wife, Annette)

Background & Bio






Read the acount of Marino and Vicki Alvarez's

trip to England to present these

honorary memberships in person (July 2012)






(BSI / Bootmakers of Toronto)

Honorary Member since 2010

See our interview with Chris Redmond



Phil Cornell

Sydney Passengers of Australia

Phil describes himself as a caricaturiste, and artist/illustrator, and has for years been the leading Sherlockian illustrator for the Sydney Passengers, his scion in Australia. He has also been a long-time friend of many Sherlockians in the United States, particularly of the Nashville Scholars.



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