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Nashville Scholars at the Nashville Children's Theater

Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure

final adventure

On October 6, the next to last performance day of Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure, a large contingent of Nashville Scholars attended and thoroughly enjoyed this excellent production. Steven Dietz's rewrite of William Gillette's play, from the early part of the 20th century, is a classic for both children and adults. According to Director Scot Copeland this was the first time Dietz's play had been presented in a children's theater anywhere in the United States. See videos of the cast explaining why Nashville theatre-goers should see the play. (Note: this link may disappear soon!)

Enlarge photo

Copeland's director's notes includes the following information: "Arthur Conan Doyle himself authored the first version of this script in 1896 or so. He submitted it to the great American impresario and theatre syndicate monopolist Charles Frohman, who suggested it be given to American actor/playwright/producer William H. Gillette for further development. Doyle agreed, cashed his option check and washed his hands of it. During rewrited, Gillette cabled Doyle, "may I marry Holmes?" Doyle's reply was succinct. "Marry him, murder him, do what you like!"

Copeland continues, "In 2006, American playwright and certifiable Sherlockian Steven Dietz adapted Gillette's adaption of Doyle's own stage adaption, retaining Gillette's basic plotlines while bringing the characters more into line with Doyle's original intent and, more importantly, returning Watson to his rightful place at center stage with Holmes."

David Compton (Holmes) visits with Anita Feller

Cast members: Bobby Wyckoff (Moriarty), Steven Berryessa (Larrabee), Jamie Farmer (Mrs Larrabee), Samuel Whited III (Sid)

Gael Stahl visits with Marin Miller (Irene Adler) and Christopher R. C. Rosen (King of Bohemia)

Matthew Carlton (Dr. Watson) and a fan as Marin Miller signs an autograph for a new Holmes fan.

David Compton (Holmes) enthralls a new fan.

The Nashville Children's Theatre reaches some 80,000 children in Middle Tennessee each year with theatre experiences of a wide variety.

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