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Honors Achieved by Local (Tennessean) Sherlockians
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Two Nashville Scholars tapped for membership in
The Baker Street Irregulars Society
January 2015 in New York City

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Nashville Scholars!
CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Marino Alvarez and to Bill Mason.
These gentlemen scholars were inducted into the Baker Street Irregulars 9 JAN 2015,
Marino as Hilton Soames (3STU), and Bill as White Mason (VALL).
Alvarez and Mason join a distinguished list of Baker Street Irregulars.
The List from Sherlocktron by Willis Frick. (A PDF download)


gstahl Gents, Marino and Bill,

I write you ‚Äčtogether because for many decades in the future you'll be seen as a most admirable pair in the history of our scion. I thought I'd never see the day that more than a handful of Southerners would ever make it into the BSI despite the legendary role John Bennett Shaw played while living in Oklahoma and New Mexico. And we had a member in Memphis a few years back who wrote Holmes on the Range. But you are among a very small group.

Thank the stars you both broke through to gain that highest honor of earning your shillings as members of the Baker Street Irregulars and did it by being the most scholarly members of a so-so scholarly group of Nashville Sherlockians. You have worked hard and with a broad generous brush to paint a picture of the Nashville Scholars of the Three Pipe Problem that would have made our founder and first members swell with pride. This is our finest moment since January 1979 when a fervent bunch of 30 or so Sherlock Holmes lovers met in the top floor party room of the then new First American Bank and promptly published the best newsletters in our history. Our founder was in immediate contact with the head of the BSI and Peter Blau but soon moved to Knoxville to attend and work at the University of Tennessee. As promptly as it arose, the scion dwindled and quit meeting.
Yours truly began a two year holiday in France in March of 1979. three months after our founding. I was mailed the early newsletters and when I returned in April 1981, I called the former editor and three or four of us rekindled the scion by meeting at the Donelson Library, and before we knew we had about 30 members again and about 10 of us went to William and Mary University in Virginia for John Bennett Shaw's last symposium in 1987.
Many of our current members remember how it went from there. Jim Hawkins hit town and got us our second full page scion feature printed in the Banner before he even knew we had a scion here and we invested about 20 members in January 1988 in my year as scion Chief Investigator, Billy was elected to succeed me and made the one-year appointment a lifetime position. Ten years later Jim Hawkins started the WelcomeHolmes blog and Billy starred at the Gaslight Galas in New York City. Then you two came along and rose to the heights.
I've never been so happy and speak for the 200 or so members we've had over the years in thanking you for putting in the effort, really hard and creative work you've done so that Wiggins Whelan has finally decided it should be rewarded. You earned it and the Baker Street Irregulars are lucky to have your fresh blood.
Keep it up as long as you can. Having true scholars in the Nashville Scholars is a proven reality and we thank you and puff out our chests with full and joyous satisfaction.  ~Gael Stahl



In addition to Marino and Bill becoming members of the Baker Street Irregulars,
Bill was appointed a Master Bootmaker Toronto (Canada)
and accepted the office as Head Light with the Beacon Society.


According to Mason, The Head Light (Chair) of the Beacon Society is responsible for the overall leadership of the group and acts as the "official voice."  I have been active in the Beacon Society for several years, and most recently served as a member of the Grants Committee, which allocated a record $7,000 in Jan Stauber educational grants.  My main goals right away are to maintain the positive progress the Beacon Society has made in financial growth, ensure a steady source of income, recruit additional active members, equip each of us to serve as ambassadors of the group whenever we meet with other Sherlockians, continue making quality awards in the Jan Stauber grant program and find more ways to highlight those programs during and after their completion. 
Mason Book: Pursuing Sherlock Holmes






Another Tennessean, Tim Greer of Memphis has been awarded the
Morley Montgomery Award for the best story published in the BSI Journal in 2014.

Tim's story is "Murger in Baker Street" See it here.


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