Presented by Shannon Carlisle and Conor
at Nashville Scholars Annual Picnic / July 2013

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The Nashville Scholars of the Three Pipe Problem had our picnic Saturday (July 20, 2013) at Gael and Susan Stahl’s home on Old Hickory Lake. We were in for a treat! A sign strung across two trees marked the entrance, “Crack the Case.”


The crime scene was set out on the grass complete with a roped area with a sign marked “crime scene.”


A sheet was spread out over the grass filled with clues such as stuffed animals, a cardboard box, paint brushes and a can of spilled black paint, footprints and animal tracks, cups, half eaten apple pies, and many other items that required careful attention for their solution.









Before we viewed the crime scene both Shannon and Conor prepared us for the task.
This is a week-long lesson that Shannon does with her students to introduce Sherlock Holmes method of detection.


Conor read a passage from A Scandal in Bohemia, “The Science of Deduction,” to prepare us with the problem:”Who borrowed Mr. Bear without permission?” We were each given clip .boards to draw the crime scene and also a page for notetaking. This we did at the crime scene. We then returned and Shannon and Conor took us through the observations, data analysis, and the eventual answer to the question and the solving of the crime. This was complete with scientific analyses of the crystals found on the bear, powder, and other materials that were chemically analyzed.

Everyone was actively engaged and enjoyed the lesson. Conor was given books and asked to come to our regular meetings. Conor’s parents and sister joined us and we all gave him a vote of approval.

This presentation was a follow up to Mrs. Carlisle's classroom work with her Fourth Grade class in the Nashville area. See more on that here.

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