Nashville Scholars Meetings in 2018


April 21 David Fields presents
Watson as Servant

"The Essential Role of the Assistant in Investigative Work"

Read David Fields' notes on his presentation.

May 19

Special Event at the Risko/Alvarez Estate on Temple Hills Golf Course


Meal "Victorian Vittles" prepared by Shannon and Ella Carlisle


June 16

Double Billing

Gael Stahl continues his History of the 3 Pipe Problem

Bill Mason (BSI) also brings another of his special presentations


July 21 Special Event @ The Stahl Estate at Old Hickory Lake

Derek Martin: A History of British Actors

Who Have Played Holmes and Watson

On I-40 east of Nashville, take Exit 221B (not kidding!)


Aug 18 Presentation TBA by Thomas Vickstrom
and possibly a second presentation -- details TBA



Sept 15

Double Biliing


David Hayes presents: Pleasure Travel in Victorian Times

“Hints to Travellers” by Edward Stanford
was published in 1878 for the Royal Geographic Society (London)
and sold originally for two shillings and sixpence; not a small sum.

Jim Hawkins presents: Holmes' Adventure into Retirement,

 with a little background on "retirement" in the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

{a brief presentation on his 74th birthday}

Oct 12-14

Southern Festival of Books at Legislative Plaza (Nashville)

Oct 20

Presentation by Dean Richardson - details TBA

(beware! this is our "scary story" presentation)

if time, a second brief presentation...details TBA


Nov 17

Presentation by Drew Thomas -- details TBA

if time, a second brief presentation...details TBA


Dec 15


The Annual Special Event for the End of the Year -- TBA


Nashville Scholars of the Three Pipe Problem | Nashville, TN | 2018

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