Meetings in 2019

Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary Year

April 20 @ 11:00 / Corky's BBQ in Brentwood

A Study in Scarlet

Part II: The Country of the Saints (Chapters 8-14)

Read the story here

Tom Feller, Quiz Master

David Hayes: A Discussion on Mormonism as related to Conan Doyle and the Cannon

FYI: The Nashville Scholars is now on a 7-year reading plan, 
suggested and devised by Bill Mason, and accepted by the members, 
and begun in January of 2019, our 40th Anniversary Year.
APRIL - STUD PT II - Chapters 8 - 14 -- The Country of the Saints
MAY - The Problem of Thor Bridge (from The Case Book)
JUNE - The Man with the Twisted Lip (from The Adventures)
JULY - Annual Party/Picnic on Old Hickory Lake (at Gael & SuSun Stahl residence)

Nashville Scholars of the Three Pipe Problem | Nashville, TN | 2019