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Pursuing Sherlock Holmes

by Bill Mason, BSI


The influence of Sherlock Holmes can be found throughout the cultural landscape. From the Three Little Pigs to the ancient poetry of Horace, from John Wayne to Macbeth, from the sultry moves of Madonna to the theories of Sigmund Freud, the stories about the greatest of detectives link to just about any subject or situation.


In Pursuing Sherlock Holmes, Bill Mason uncovers seething sex in The Hound of the Baskervilles, observes Professor Moriarty through the eyes of Generation X, reveals a hidden "formula of death," explains the mystic effect of colors on the mind of Sherlock Holmes, exposes Conan Doyle's "theft" of the plot of Dracula, resurrects ten compelling characters from their graves, and visits the mind of Sherlock Holmes to find his true thoughts about romantic love. This collection of innovative essays, stories, and even poetry approaches Sherlock Holmes from a thoroughly unique perspective that combines humor with literature and classic tales with familiar aspects of modern culture.


Table of Contents
  1. Young Adventures and Old Cases
  2. Trailblazers in the World of Ideas: Sherlock Holmes and the Poets Laureate
  3. My Arrangement with Mr. Holmes by Mrs. Neville St. Clair
  4. Sightings at Twilight
  5. A Chill on the Moor: Sex and Sadism in The Hound of the Baskervilles
  6. Horror of the Hound
  7. The Rule of Three: The Significance of Sherlockian Trios
  8. Deeper Shades: The Dressing-Gowns of Sherlock Holmes and the Psychology of Color
  9. Leading with the Chin: Careful Considerations Concerning Canonical Chins
  10. Dr. Sterndale, the African Explorer
  11. A Tale from the Crypt: Unearthing Dracula in "The Illustrious Client"
  12. A Musical Toast to Nathan Garrideb
  13. Between the Lines: Thoughts on Sherlock Holmes and Two Remarkable Women
  14. Dead? Not Hardly!


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Signed copies are available directly from him at $24.00 (hard cover) and $16.00 (soft cover),
postpaid in the USA only, and sent media rate.
You can send check or money order to:
Bill Mason, 2367 Lights Chapel Road, Greenbrier, TN 37073.

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Created 4NOV2017 / Edited 8MAR2018