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January 2015 Holmes Birthday Celebration
Toasts and Photos of the event HERE

A Tribute to Alvarez and Mason, by Charter member Gael Stahl.

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Nashville Scholars!
CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Marino Alvarez and to Bill Mason.
These gentlemen scholars were inducted into the Baker Street Irregulars 9 JAN 2015,
Marino as Hilton Soames (3STU), and Bill as White Mason (VALL).
Each of these Scholars have published books: Pursuinig Sherlock Holmes (Mason)
and A Professor Reflects on Sherlock Holmes (Alvarez)


Not a lifelong Sherlock Holmes fan? Haven't read all the stories. Know only one of the stories? No worries!
You don't have to be a "scholar", nor is it neccessary for you to read the story. If you like Sherlock Holmes,
you will enjoy the Nashville Scholars.

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