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APRIL 18 at Corky's BBQ in Brentwood
Lunch at 11:00 ~~ Discussion Leader: Bill Mason

Story: The Three Gables from The Case Book
The whole collection of The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes was published by John Murray in June 1927,
in an edition of 15,150 copies. The first American edition was published on the same day by the G. H. Doran Co.
(Notes from CamdenHouse site)


Holmes raised his hand for silence. Then he strode across the room, flung open the door, and dragged in a great gaunt woman whom he had seized by the shoulder. She entered with ungainly struggle like some huge awkward chicken, torn, squawking, out of its coop. (3GAB)

(Illustration by Howard K. Elcock in
The Strand Magazine, October 1926.)

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Marino Alvarez and to Bill Mason.
These gentlemen scholars were inducted into the Baker Street Irregulars 9 JAN 2015,
Marino as Hilton Soames (3STU), and Bill as White Mason (VALL).
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Not a lifelong Sherlock Holmes fan? Haven't read all the stories. Know only one of the stories? No worries!
You don't have to be a "scholar", nor is it neccessary for you to read the story. If you like Sherlock Holmes,
you will enjoy the Nashville Scholars.

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